If You Build It, They Will Come...
A Big Thanks to Soka University’s Womens Head Coach David McLeish for coming to work with our Girls teams!!! What a great coach for our young ladies to listen and learn from. 
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Albion SC North offers clinics throughout the season to provide unique opportunities for our players!

More than 200 college and professional teams across the United States participated in NSCAA's Open Training Week. The NSCAA's program allowed coaches from local youth clubs to attend an Open Training Sessions at near by colleges.  


University of San Diego's women's head coach Louise Lieberman,  Edgar Anzaldo and Leigh Ann Brown discussed the reasons for the session topic with attendees, 'Penetrating and progression into the attacking half' stating, "We do very well with possession in our defensive 3rd and in the middle. But, our penetration to create scoring chances has struggled to show the way we would like it to." The session progressed into an 8v8 half field +keepers. As in all sessions, the coaches added tweaks here or there, such as touch limits or time limits to help force results.   

At the end of the 2 hour session, attendees were able to ask questions of the D1 college coaches and even a few players offering some insights.

Coach Question:  "What advice would you give youth players (jr high & high school aged) that are looking to play in college someday?"

Player: "Confidence. I came to this college knowing I was a good player, and I struggled with confidence as soon as I walked into the first training session. I mean look around.... This is a D1 school and everyone is amazing. Issues with confidence affect how you play. You have got to be confident"

Player: "Mental Toughness"

Coach Question:  "What advice would you give coaches in working with youth females?"

Player: "Be approachable and get to know your players on and off the pitch. I'm a happy person and I smile a lot. Especially when I get to play soccer. When I was younger, I had coaches that would get mad and yell at me when smiling. They took it as a sign I wasn't working hard. Absolutely not true. Get to know your players."

Mesa College in San Diego also held an open session with their women's team and head coach Todd Curran. Curran explained to the visiting coaches that they were going to work through a similar topic (as USD above) on penetration and finishing. Most of the same coaches from the USD session earlier in the day and even a few more attended the 90 min training. 

As a youth coach, it was surprising to see that similar issues that may occur within my own team, also occur at a JCC and at a D1 school. Some times it just takes a while to work through the training session and you may have to adjust how you approach it. I always strive to find a few nuggets and takeaways to help me be a better coach from anyone's training session. ONE: Reminder... be ready to tweak the session when it is not working to help the players see 'it'.  And don't progress until they do so.

TWO: It's not a soccer video game with robot players. They are real people playing soccer. Know your players. Know your team.

On behalf of all attendees, thank you to the college programs willing to open their doors and sessions to local coaches and to the NSCAA for promoting the sport.

'NSCAA's Open Training Week' gives albion sc north coaches a look into local college sessions.