To provide San Marcos' youth players with the best quality soccer experience in town!

  • Player Development – We believe in helping our players reach their full potential

  • Proper Level of Play – We believe healthy competition elevates standards and improves performance for the entire team.

  • Technical and Tactical  – We believe in teaching the game. The physical, mental and technical training are all essential elements for success.

  • Better Coaching – We believe coaches should love to teach the game, instruct the kids with the same passion, and impart their knowledge to help players achieve maximum growth.

  • Having Fun – We believe a positive, motivating and encouraging environment provides the most effective and satisfying results for players. If they are not having fun, something is wrong.          

  One Club, One Family, One Vision.

Player Focused


  • Develop each player’s confidence and individual soccer technique.

  • Building a team training environment that fosters growth, learning, and team development.

  • Educate & teach the tactics of the game throughout a variety of activities within a year round program.

  • Promote players to reach the highest level of play

  • Play games at the most prestigious youth soccer level in the U.S.A.



We believe the game is the best teacher. The coach should provide the tools to help the player at any level, move up to the next. On field decisions, seeing the options, and playing at speed are all things the player must learn and work to improve. A player's first touch is critical and must be done properly. But do they know the how and the why? We teach the individual and the team to know and more importantly to see the options they have on the field during the game. Space creates time, time creates opportunities, and opportunities create scoring chances!    



Through Albion SC North, the goal is to provide an extensive year-round training program.  We hope that each player will acquire a passion and a confidence to take with them on to the soccer field and into their life. You can expect from our organization consistent, organized, and purposeful instruction from excellent coaches to help your player progress.



In order to be a good team member, you have to be a good individual. Soccer is a team sport played by individuals that must function as a unit, in small groups, and as a team. Remember, when 1 player has the ball, 10 don't. This means that the 10 players without the ball, their position, movement and support of the 1 with the ball, is critical to the team's success.