San Marcos

United Cup Rules


Check-in will take place no less than 1 hour before your first game. The following items must be presented and verified at registration for all teams and players prior to their participation in the tournament (NO EXCEPTIONS).


A. Valid laminated USYSA player card with a picture for all players and coaches.

B. The San Marcos United Cup will accept your 2018-2019 cards or summer/temporary tournament cards.

C. Medical release forms for all players signed by parent or guardian.

D. Teams traveling from outside Region IV must have approved travel papers from their own State Association, which must include a roster listing all the players authorized to travel. US Club Soccer teams do not need to provide travel papers.

E. Loan papers will not be required for players within CYSA-SOUTH rules. All other States must have the appropriate loan papers.



Born on or after January 1st, of the year specified

2011      2010      2009      2008      2007     2006     2005      2004      2003      2002      2000 

U8         U9         U10       U11        U12      U13      U14       U15       U16       U17       U19 


U8 & U9 Divisions will play 7 v 7

U10 - U11 Divisions will play 9 v 9

U12 - U14 Divisions and higher will play 11 v 11


Guest/Loan Players

You may have up to 5 guest players. 


Roster Size

Maximum roster size for registering U11 - U19 teams will be 18 players, and U8 - U10 will be 14 players.

Laws of the Game

All games shall be played in accordance with FIFA laws and modified by USYSA and Cal South. Teams from outside the country will get the modified rules at registration.

Fields and Game Equipment

A. Players (excluding the goal keeper) must wear numbers on the back of their uniforms and these numbers will coincide with those listed on the team’s Official roster.




C. When uniform colors are similar, the home team will change colors. Home team has choice of sideline and no two teams will play from the same side of the field. Home team is listed first on the schedule.


D. It will be at the referee’s discretion to determine the safety and suitability of player equipment including the wearing of a brace. Casts are allowed in CYSA if padded and the referee considers them to be safe.

Duration of the Game

AGE                BALL      PREL/QUARTER      SEMIS/FINALS      OT
U19 (2000)      5              30 min halves             35 min halves           7 min
U17 (2002)      5              30 min halves             35 min halves           7 min
U16 (2003)      5              30 min halves             35 min halves           7 min
U15 (2004)      5              30 min halves             35 min halves           7 min
U14 (2005)      5              30 min halves             35 min halves           7 min
U13 (2006)      5              30 min halves             35 min halves           7 min
U12 (2007)      5              25 min halves             30 min halves           5 min
U11 (2008)      4              25 min halves             30 min halves           5 min
U10 (2009)      4              25 min halves             30 min halves           5 min
U9   (2010)      4              20 min halves             25 min halves           5 min

U8   (2011)      4              20 min halves             25 min halves           5 min

All games will be played with a running clock and a 5-minute half time, except final games will have a 10-minute half time. A preliminary game can end in a tie. Semi/Quarter-final tie games will be decided with penalty kicks with no overtime. Final games will include two overtime periods (All overtime will be played to its conclusion). NO GOLDEN GOAL. Penalty Kicks shall be taken in accordance with FIFA LAW 16 (Kicks from the penalty mark). If after over-time halves in the final, a tie still exists; penalty kicks will determine the winner. The referee may stop the clock for serious injuries. If it is an extended delay (more than half of the game), the game may be finished at a later time or considered played as per the Tournament Director’s decision.

Game Check-In

A. Teams must check-in with the referees prior to the start of every game. Failure to do so can result in forfeit. Field marshal and or referee will check player identity cards and players equipment prior to each game. Coaches need to pick up identity cards at the end of each game (excluding ejected players/administrators cards). The game card and any ejected player card(s) will be given to the field marshal.

B. Failure to have seven (7) players for U10 - U19 or (5) players for U8 - U9 within 5 minutes of the scheduled game time constitutes a forfeit.

C. Each team is responsible for cleaning up trash on field areas after each game.


A. Substitutions shall be unlimited. Players must enter from the center of the field. Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee at the following times:

1. FIFA substitution rules apply, with the exception that unlimited substitutions may be made at the discretion of the referee. Substitution can be made at any dead ball situation, by either team, unlimited.

Competition Format

The following points system will be awarded in the preliminary games:

  • Six (6) points for each win

  • Three (3) points for each tie. Zero (0) points for each loss

  • One (1) point for each goal scored - maximum of three (3) points for each game (whether win, loss, or tie).

  • One (1) point for a shutout, even if a 0-0 tie.

  • Forfeit equals 8 points.

  • Minus one (-1) for each player or coach ejected.


A player or coach given a red card in a game shall be expelled from that game. The player shall not be replaced in that game and shall not be permitted to play in the next game, as a minimum. The tournament director may give a further suspension for violent conduct.


Failure to begin a match, complete a match or a team leaving the field of play shall result in a forfeit to the opposing team by a score of 1-0. The winner will be awarded eight tournament points (six for the win, one for the goal and one for the shutout).

If teams are tied after preliminary games, the following tie-breaking system will be used to determine the finalist:

• Head to head competition between the two teams tied.

• Goal differential

• Goals allowed (fewest goals against)

• Goals scored.

• Most wins.

• Most shut outs.

Kicks from the penalty marks (kicks will be taken 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the quarterfinal or semifinal game). Only the players on the field at the end of regulation are eligible to participate in the penalty kicks. The referee shall decide the goal at which all the kicks shall be taken. The team winning the coin toss shall kick first. No player may shoot more than once until all eligible teammates have taken a kick. Each team takes (5) shots, alternately. The team scoring the most goals wins.


In the event of a tie among three (3) or more teams, the elimination procedure begins with the first bullet, noted above. If teams remain, repeating the above elimination procedures beginning with #1 shall break the tie.

Playoff Round

Flights of six (6) teams: Teams will be split into two groups. Each team will play a 3-game round robin against teams in the opposite group. The top two teams in points will advance to the Final.


Flights of eight (8) teams: Top two teams from each Group (A & B) will advance to the Final.


Flights of twelve (12) teams: The first place teams will advance with a wildcard team. Winner A will play the wildcard team, winner B will play winner C. If wildcard comes from Group A, then winner A will play winner B, and winner C will play the wildcard. The winners will meet for the final.


Flights of sixteen (16) teams: First place team will advance. Winner A will play winner D, winner B will play winner C for the semifinals. The semifinal winners will meet for the final.


Conduct and Discipline

A. Coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, bench, and spectators at all times.


B. If referee must terminate a game for misconduct of players, bench, or spectators, the offending team will forfeit the game. At the Tournament Director’s discretion, the offending player and/or team may be banned from further participation.


C. Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted at game sites. NO smoking, No foul and abusive language.


D. Yellow and red card penalties will follow FIFA rules. Coaches and players ejected will be suspended for the next match as a minimum. A disciplinary committee will review all ejections and whether further disciplinary action will be needed.


A team will forfeit if any of the following exist:

• The team fails to check-in at the required place and time.

• The team fails to produce laminated player passes or coach’s passes.

• The team fails to check-in with field marshal every game.

• Teams fail to report to the field with the minimum amount of players as prescribed by the rules.

• Teams fail to produce an alternate jersey if listed first as the home team in case of color conflict.

• Coach gets ejected and fails to leave the field.

• Coach gets ejected and no other coach or administrator is available.

• Game is suspended due to the misconduct of players, coaches, administrators, parents or spectators.

No Protests


Regardless of weather conditions, coaches, players and their teams must appear on the field of play as scheduled, ready to play unless notified by a member of the tournament committee. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match. Only the referee or the tournament committee may cancel a match due to weather conditions. In the event of inclement weather, the tournament committee has the authority to reschedule matches or cancel the tournament.

In the event of inclement weather, which the Tournament Committee deems being unsafe for the players and/or the fields for competition to continue; or the unexpected termination of the match, the following system of determining a winner will be implemented:

Matches that have complete at least half of the match will have the score stand.

Matches that are in the first half of play will be deemed not have been played.

Matches for a given day may be postponed and played the following day if fields are available.

Matches may be shortened in order to play all assigned matches.


If all matches are unable to be played, either FIFA penalty kicks for the two top point teams or the Tournament Committee will decide based on standings if FIFA kicks cannot be taken.

NOTE: If unexpected termination of play is due to the misconduct of one or both teams, then the offending team(s) will not benefit from the termination. If a semifinal match cannot begin, a shootout will take place to determine the winner. If a shootout cannot occur the match will be decided by the flip of the coin.


If the championship game cannot be played the teams will become Co-Champions

Refunds will be determined as following: 

• The tournament committee will determine rain out refunds.

• Teams with one team missing from their bracket will get $100.00 refund.

• If a team withdraws before the deadline, 25% of the fees will be retained for administrative fees.

• If a team drops after the deadline, the fee will be forfeited.